Lapor Pasca

Greetings From UNJ

Statistics Corner

The Statistical Corner helps students to analyze their research data and present it properly.  Besides, the corner also provides various data collected by Statistics Indonesia.

International Office

The International Office helps international students to adapt to campus life at UNJ. The office aid manages the international students’ needs, from pre-the departure until they return to their home country. Students may also consult their problems, life, and learning activity here. The International Office warmly welcomes all of you at UNJ.

Journal Access Service

UNJ facilitates lecturers and students to access reputable databases such as EBSCO. EBSCO is a collection of reputable journal databases that provide information from research results, eBooks, electronic journals, and other research findings services. Lecturers and students can access EBSCO within Jakarta State University. In addition, students can also access ScienceDirect, which is an internationally reputed database that lecturers and students can enjoy. The lecturers and students can also download freely another access service, including the Gale.

International Office

a. Theatre room

UPT Library Multimedia Services will open Theater and studio services in stages and spread as wide as possible to all study programs, student organizations, and all students to take advantage of this facility.

The first stage of the theater program consists of screening films on the themes of Science, Education, History, Culture, and entertainment films.  Thematic film screening service programs are available in 3 (three) periods: 08.00, 10.00, and 14.00, Monday – Friday.  In addition, there is a time known for specific requests.

b. Study room and discussion

Collaborative spaces include group study rooms and designated areas within the library indicated by signage.  The participants can speak softly in communal areas but not talk loudly.  In addition, the students need help to make long cellphone conversations inside the library.

c. Reading room

Quiet study spaces include closed reading rooms, computer classrooms, and designated areas within the library indicated by signage.  No talking or conversation is permitted.  The students should keep Silent conditions in these spaces.

d. Zero-Noise Study Spaces

Postgraduate Studies of Universitas Negeri Jakarta provides zero-noise room to offer a peaceful oasis for quiet reflection.  The students should keep absolute silence without talking in the zero-noise room.  The students should make a reservation to use this room.

e. Meeting & Event Function Rooms

Whether you’re hosting a Board, Corporate, or Association meeting, Workshop, or Information Session, the Scientia Public Library’s Meetings & Event Services department can provide you with various meeting and function rooms.

Student Services

a. Learning Management System

UNJ provides online learning for student learning through a learning management system designed by a team of LMS lecturers. The LMS used by UNJ uses various approaches to improve the quality of learning, namely heutagogy, peeragogy, and cybergogy. A heutagogy system that encourages students to be able to direct themselves and be able to provide the required soft skills. The peeragogy approach is also used for LMS learning to create together with case-based, problem-based, and project-based learning approaches. Finally, the cybergogy method uses a cyber-physical education service-based approach to optimize LMS UNJ.

b. UNJ Career Center

The UNJ career center aims to develop the potential of UNJ graduates preparing to enter the world of work. UNJ career center also maintains good relationships with users, alums, and related parties. In addition, the carer center is a mediator between graduates as job seekers and users as users. The career center conducts various soft skills training for prospective graduates so they are ready to enter the world of work. The career center also organizes Campus Hiring and Tracer Studies, opening collaborations with various companies to hold workshops or seminars on careers and conducting service programs for information on job vacancies for alums and prospective alumni.

c. Guidance and counseling services Unit

The guidance and counseling services unit aims to create optimal psychological well-being for UNJ students, lecturers, education staff, and the general public. This unit is for guidance and counseling services, including organizing guidance and consultation services for students, lecturers, UNJ education staff, and the general public. In addition, this unit contains counseling services for UNJ students, lecturers, education staff, and the general public to develop psychological well-being and psychological test services related to understanding potential and interests. Furthermore, this unit takes care of personality development, career planning, and training for UNJ students, lecturers and education staff, as well as the general public, related to improving academic abilities, personal development, social skills, and career development.

d. Academic Information System

UNJ has an integrated online academic information system. The availability of educational information systems allows students to fill in Study Plans, Study Plan Cards, Study Results Cards, Study Results Lists, and Lecture Schedules.

e. Pascasarjana Information System (SIPASCA)

SIPASCA is an online guidance information system to support student studies’ smooth running, especially in completing a thesis or dissertation proposal. Students and lecturers can complete the tutoring process online and in real-time by accessing the Sipasca website or application. In addition, students can submit titles, the questioning process, colloquia, proposal seminars, and up to the open/closed examination process. The existence of these features can be monitored and monitored by UNJ postgraduate leaders so that postgraduate leaders can maintain the quality of guidance in each study program.

f. Health service

UNJ to carry out the function of setting non-academic policies and managing UNJ. Thus, UNJ has the duty and authority to maintain campus security, safety, health, and order, as well as work convenience to ensure the running of higher education three-dharma activities. Therefore, UNJ facilitates health services to support the running of higher education three-dharma activities. Health services in the UNJ environment are encouraged by the UNJ Pratama Clinic. Currently, the UNJ clinic has general health services and poly dental services. Students and lecturers can also make or buy prescriptions from doctors at the UNJ clinic.

Talent Interest Development

a. Research Camp

The Research Camp is a form of the Graduate Research Workshop implemented at Jakarta State University. The Research Camp aims to develop student’s academic and professional abilities and skills to prepare quality academics in the future. The research camp offers a variety of training menus to build knowledge and skills related to research and publication. The training menu is divided into two major categories, namely the first is Starting research which contains material for developing abilities and skills in the early stages of research. The second category is the advancing research skills class which facilitates students with various pieces of training to develop research knowledge and skills at the final level.

b. Research Exchange

The Research Exchange Program shares domestic and foreign research on all aspects, such as culture, science, and the economy.

c. Writing Retreat

The writing retreat program aims to assist students in writing articles. From content and submitting articles to accompanying the results of article reviews.

d. Writing Group

A writing group is a joint-research writing and sharing group that aims to improve the quality of writing.

e. Three Minute Thesis

A three-minute thesis program is a form of sharing with students. Students present their thesis or dissertation proposals to expert sources and fellow students. Then each of them will provide input and suggestions regarding the student proposal.

f. Validation of Scientific Publication

To maintain the quality of postgraduate student articles, UNJ validates international conferences and articles in reputable international journals.

g. UPT Language services

UPT Language is a support unit in the field of language services, including Indonesian and foreign languages, which include English, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin. The management of UPT for language services is based on an entrepreneurial approach oriented towards efforts to implement the three-Dharma of higher education. In addition, UPT for language services serves the UNJ academic community and the general public to improve language, especially in language education and teaching.