Lapor Pasca

Greetings From UNJ

Educational Technology Laboratory

Discussion Room

There is Educational Technology Laboratory, Library, and Discussion Room to support student research and publications.

The Postgraduate Program Library provides academic books, international research papers, and a thesis in print and digital. In addition, the library is equipped with a cozy place for reading and comfort rooms for discussion.

Processing and Analyzing Data Laboratory

Processing and Analyzing Data Laboratory

Postgraduate of UNJ provides a Processing and Analysis Data Laboratory for master and doctoral students in assisting their research and publication.

Congregation Ceremony Room

Congregation Ceremony Room

Postgraduate UNJ conducts Congregation Ceremony Activities for graduates of the master’s and doctoral programs in one year two times. We have 300 – 500 graduates each semester. The average postgraduate graduate already has a job and specific competencies for their future career.

Meeting Room

Postgraduates of UNJ welcome collaboration, Comparative Studies, and Benchmarking to create good national and international cooperation, realize UNJ’s Vision, and become a reputable university in the Asian Region.

Grad defense room for master and doctoral students do Proposal Defense and Theses/ Dissertation Defense open to the public.

Grad defense room for master and doctoral students defending their Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Theses closed for public.

Nursing Room

Postgraduate UNJ provides comfortable nursing rooms for breastfeeding mothers of master and doctoral students.

University Training Center (UTC) Hotel is a cozy place to stay which offers a modern-style room at a competitive price. Besides a hotel, UTC Hotel is also a training center for UNJ’s students.

Language Center provides several services, such as language tests, foreign language courses, Bahasa Indonesia courses, translation and proofreading, and joyful learning for English, France, Germany, Arabian, Japanese, and Mandarin. Don’t miss the special packet for students!