Lapor Pasca


Dr. Siti Gomo Attas, M.Hum.

Postgraduate Program
Universitas Negeri Jakarta


Universitas Hasanudin, Indonesia (Bachelor)
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia (Master)
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia (Doctor)
Indonesian Literature
Literature (Philology)
Oral Literature / Oral traditions
2019 Structural Analysis of Katoba Ritual Text Speech in Muna Communities
2019 Structure, Function, And Inheritance System Of The Gambang Rancag Oral Tradition In The Betawi Community (Jurnals Litera 2019)
2020 Making the Petukangan Silat Village a Tourist Destination Based on the Betawi Oral Tradition
2020 Cultural hegemony in the novel under the shadow of the ode by Sumiman Udu and its implications for learning Indonesian in high school
2020 analysis of phonological errors in the film Uang Panai Mahar (L)
2020 Ability of writing poetry using the media picture grade student viii SMP 1 PSKD Jakarta Pusat
2020 Lecturers’ Perceptions in the Selection and Development of Drama Teaching Materials
2020 Maxims Deviation and Politeness Scale of Uang Panai Mahar Film by Using Leech’s Perspective
2020 Oral Tradition Dulmuluk In South Sumatera Palembang Communities In South Sumatera: Study Of Inheritance Systems (schopus eJM)
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