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The Full-time Lecturer of Postgraduate of Universitas Negeri Jakarta is a Full-time Lecturer of Universitas Negeri Jakarta who is a Civil Servant. Recruitment of Civil Servants conducted by the Universitas Negeri Jakarta in comply with government regulations that apply when the lecturer is recruited as a Civil Servant.

The Standard of Postgraduate Educators of Universitas Negeri Jakarta refers to government policies of Permenristekdikti No. 44 of 2015 concerning National Standards of Higher Education (SNPT), Permenpan and RB No. 46 of 2013 concerning Amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform No. 17 of 2013 concerning The Functional Position of Lecturers and Their Credit Numbers, and Permenristekdikti No. 44 of 2016 concerning Organization and Work Procedures of the Universitas Negeri Jakarta.

NoNameProgramStudy ProgramStatus
1Dr. Eveline Siregar, M.Pd.MasterEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
2Dr. Indina Tarjiah, M.Pd.MasterEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
3Dr. Khaerudin, M.PdMasterEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
4Dr. Uwes Anis ChaerumanM.PdMasterEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
5Dr. Murni Winarsih, S.PD, M.Pd.MasterEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
6Dr. Robinson Situmorang, M.Pd.MasterEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
7Dr. Asti Purbarini, M.Pd.MasterIndonesian Language EducationFull-time Lecturer
8Dr. Siti Ansoriyah, S.Pd, M.Pd.MasterIndonesian Language EducationFull-time Lecturer
9Dr. Saifur Rohman, S.S, M.HumMasterIndonesian Language EducationFull-time Lecturer
10Dr. Samsi Setiadi, M.PdMasterIndonesian Language EducationFull-time Lecturer
11Dr. Gusti Yarmi, M.Pd.MasterIndonesian Language EducationFull-time Lecturer
12Prof. Dr. Novi AnoegrajektiMasterIndonesian Language EducationFull-time Lecturer
13Dr. Yusma Wati, M.PdMasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
14Dr. Fahmy Fachrezzy M.PdMasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
15Dr. Hidayat Humaid, M.Pd.MasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
16Dr. Iman Sulaiman, M.PdMasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
17Dr. Sri Nuraini, M.Pd.MasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
18Dr. dr. Junaidi, Sp.KOMasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
19Dr. Taufik RihatnoMasterPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
20Dr. Achmad Husen, M.Pd.MasterEnvironmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
21Dr. BudiamanMasterEnvironmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
22Dr. Agung Purwanto, M.Si.MasterEnvironmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
23Dr. Eko SiswonoMasterEnvironmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
24Dr. R. Sihadi, M.Pd.MasterEnvironmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
25Prof. Dr. Eliana Sari, MM.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
26Prof. Dr. Unifah Rosyidi, M.Pd.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
27Dr. Heru Santosa, M.Pd.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
28Dr. Masduki Ahmad, S.H., M.M.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
29Dr. Siti Rochanah, M.M.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
30Dr. H. Sugiarto, M.A.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
31Dr. Sarkadi, M.Si.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
32Dr. Matin, M.Pd.MasterEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
33Dr. Wardani Rahayu, M.Si.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
34Dr. Yuliarti Sastrawijaya, M.Pd.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
35Dr. Komarudin, M.Si.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
36Dr. Agus Dudung, M.Pd.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
37Dr. Dinni Devy Triana, M.Pd.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
38Dr. Anan Sutisna, M.Pd.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
39Dr. Aip Badurjaman, M.PdMasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
40Dr. Soeprijanto, M.Pd.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
41Dr. Pinta Deniyanti, M.Si.MasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
42Yuli Rahmawati, Ph.DMasterEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
43Dr. Sri Wulan, M.Si.MasterEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
44Lara Fridani, M.Psych, Ph.DMasterEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
45Dr. Nurjannah, M.Pd.MasterEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
46Dr. R. Sri Martini Meilani, M.Pd.MasterEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
47Dr. Nurbiana Dhieni, M.Psi.MasterEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
48Dr. Kurniawati, M.Si.MasterHistory EducationFull-time Lecturer
49Dr. Abdul Syukur, M.Si.MasterHistory EducationFull-time Lecturer
50Dr. Umasih, M.Hum.MasterHistory EducationFull-time Lecturer
51Dr. Corry Iriani Rochalina, M.PdMasterHistory EducationFull-time Lecturer
52Dr. Nurzengky Ibrahim, M.M.MasterHistory EducationFull-time Lecturer
53Dr. Otib Satibi Hidayat, M.Pd.MasterBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
54Dr. Yurniwati, M.Pd.MasterBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
55Dr. Arifin Maksum, M.Pd.MasterBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
56Dr. Hj. Herlina, M.Pd.MasterBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
57Dr. Ika Lestari, S.Pd, M.Si.MasterBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
58Prof. Dr. Yumna Rasyid, M.Pd.MasterApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
59Dr. Shafruddin Tadjuddin, M.A.MasterApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
60Dr. Sri Harini Ekowati, M.Pd.MasterApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
61Dr. Miftahulkhairah Anwar, M.HumMasterApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
62Eva Leiliyanti, M.Hum, Ph.DMasterApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
63Dr. Arif SaifudinMasterEnvironmental ManagementFull-time Lecturer
64Dr. Samadi, M.Si.MasterEnvironmental ManagementFull-time Lecturer
65Prof. Dr. Henita Rahmayanti, M.Si.MasterEnvironmental ManagementFull-time Lecturer
66Dr. Dian Alfia Purwandari, SE, M.Si.MasterEnvironmental ManagementFull-time Lecturer
67Dr. Oot Hotimah, M.Si.MasterEnvironmental ManagementFull-time Lecturer
68Prof. Dr. Nurdin Ibrahim, M.Pd.DoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
69Prof. Dr. Basuki WibawaDoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
70Prof. Dr. Suyitno Muslim, M.Pd.DoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
71Prof. Dr. Zulfiati Syahrial, M.Pd.DoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
72Dr. Moch. Sukardjo, M.Pd.DoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
73Dr. Ir. Rusmono, M.Pd.DoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
74Prof. Dr. Etin Solihatin, M.Pd.DoctorEducational TechnologyFull-time Lecturer
75Prof. Dr. Emzir, M. Pd.DoctorApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
76Prof. Dr. Aceng Rahmat, M.Pd.DoctorApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
77Prof. Dr. Endry Boeriswati, M. Pd.DoctorApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
78Dr. Fathiaty Murtadho, M.Pd.DoctorApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
79Dr. Siti Gomo Attas, M.Hum.DoctorApplied LinguisticsFull-time Lecturer
80Prof. Dr. Firmansyah Dlis, M.Pd.DoctorPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
81Prof. Dr. Moch. Asmawi, M.Pd.DoctorPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
82Prof. Dr. dr. James Tangkudung, SportMed., M.Pd.DoctorPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
83Prof. Dr. Achmad Sofyan Hanif, M.Pd.DoctorPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
84Prof. Dr. Dr. Widiastuti, M.Pd.DoctorPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
85Dr. Eko Widodo, M.Si.DoctorPhysical EducationFull-time Lecturer
86Prof. Dr. Hafid Abas, M. Pd.DoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
87Prof. Dr. Nadiroh, M. Pd.DoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
88Prof. Dr. I Made PutrawanDoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
89Prof. Dr. Ahman SyaDoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
90Dr. Muhammad Zid, M.Si.DoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
91Dr. Uswatun Hasanah, M.Si.DoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationFull-time Lecturer
92Prof. Amos Neolaka, M.Pd.DoctorPopulation and Environmental EducationAdjunct Lecturer
93Prof. Dr. Yetti Supriyati, M.Pd.DoctorEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
94Dr. Achmad Ridwan, M.Si.DoctorEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
95Dr. Agus Dudung, M.Pd.DoctorEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
96Prof. Dr. Gaguk MargonoDoctorEducational Research and EvaluationFull-time Lecturer
97Prof. Dr. Ma’ruf Akbar Imanudin, M.Pd.DoctorEducational Research and EvaluationAdjunct Lecturer
98Prof. Dr. Syarif Sumantri, M.Pd.DoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
99Prof. Fasli Djalal, Ph.D.DoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
100Prof. Dr. Martini Jamaris, M.Sc.EdDoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
101Dr. Sofia Hartati, M.Si.DoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
102Dr. Tuti Tarwiyah Adi Sam, M.SiDoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
103Dr. Hapidin, M.PDDoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
104Dr. Karnadi, M.Pd.DoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
105Dr. Yuliani Nurani, M.Pd.DoctorEarly Childhood EducationFull-time Lecturer
106Prof. Dr. Bedjo Sujanto, M.PdDoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
107Prof. Dr. Mukhneri Mukhtar, M.Pd.DoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
108Prof. Dr. R. Madhakomala, M.Pd.DoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
109Prof. Dr. Rugaiyah, M. Pd.DoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
110Prof. Dr. Unifah Rosyidi, M.PdDoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
111Prof. Dr. Elianasari, M. PdDoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
112Dr. Netti Karnati, M.Pd.DoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
113Dr. Nurhattati, M.PdDoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
114Dr. Suryadi, M.Pd.DoctorEducational ManagementFull-time Lecturer
115Prof. Dr. Hamidah, SE., M.Si.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
116Prof. Dr. Syarifudin Tippe, S.IP., M.Si.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
117Agung Dharmawan Buchdadi, M.M., Ph.D.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
118Dr. Budi Santoso, M.M.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
119Dr. Dewi Susita, SE., M.Si.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
120Dr. Rd. Tuty Sariwulan, M.Si.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
121Unggul Purwohedi, SE., M.Si, M.Ak, Ph.D.DoctorManagementFull-time Lecturer
122Prof. Dr. Zulela MS, M.Pd.DoctorBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
123Prof. Dr. Ir. Arita Marini, M.M.DoctorBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
124Prof. Dr. M.Japar, M.SiDoctorBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
125Dr. Nidya Chandra Muji Utami, M.SiDoctorBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer
126Dr. Iva Sarifah, M.PdDoctorBasic EducationFull-time Lecturer


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