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PUBLIC RELATIONS UNJ (10/06/2021) – Postgraduate State University of Jakarta (UNJ) in collaboration  with  the  Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH)  through  Secretary  General  Susilo,  D.Ed held the  6th Virtual International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Science (6th Virtual ICPESS 2021). The 6th ICPESS Virtual  was  held  on    June 10-13, 2021 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This year is  the  second time UNJ  has  hosted   the ICPESS  international  conference. In    2015, UNJ has organized the 4th International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Science with the host of the Faculty of Sports Science (FIO) UNJ. At  that time there were 24 countries  from  3  continents   present.

The 6th ICPESS presents 76 best speakers from 37 countries from 5 continents, including Indonesia, USA, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, China, Pakistan, Canada, Turkey, Romania, New Zealand, Ethiopia, South Africa, Philippines, Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, UK, Costa Rica, Brazil, Russia, Lithuania, Hong Kong-China, New Zealand, Serbia, Colombia, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan, Nigeria, France, Vietnam.  This event certainly has the potential to get the MURI record as the most participants from the continent, because not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

The theme of ICPESS 6th virtual   conference is “Active Living Through Exercise and Sports Science: Future Trend for Global Creativity and Sustainability”.   The basis of the theme is to support 17 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially the third goal, namely Health and Well-Being and Quality Education.

Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia Dr.  H.   Zainudin Amali,S.E.,  M.Si. said ICPESS  strongly  supports the state of  “new life, new normal”  in  the framework of “National Sports Awakening,   Achieve World   Achievement”. It is inseparable from the important element of sports as an instrument of healthy people’s    lives.    “Sports are also social    and cultural products that have real meaning for individuals, communities, and  communities. Through sports, a healthy society and sportsmanship are formed.”  Dr.   H.   Zainudin Amali,S.E.,  M.Si.

Dr. H.   Zainudin Amali,S.E.,  M.Si.   also emphasizes the importance of sport science as an important element in the development of sports. It will   also strengthen Indonesia’s position   in international    competitions. He also hopes that the thinking born of expert    research in this conference can strengthen government policy in the field of sports.

Rector of UNJ Prof.   Dr.  Komarudin, M. Si said ICPESS has a   great contribution in preparing for superior human resources, especially in answering future  challenges.  “Education in the 21st century relies on four main elements:  critical attitudes, communication, collaboration, and creativity.   That way, education is not only knowledge-based, but also skill.   This conference    gave birth to ideas and ideas that contributed   to the advancement of Education in the field of sports and sports science.” Said Rector of UNJ, Prof. Dr. Komarudin, M.Si.

Meanwhile, according to director of postgraduate program of UNJ Prof.   Dr.  Nadiroh, M.Pd.  said this conference has an important goal not  only  physically  but  also mentally “in  a  healthy  body  there is  a  healthy soul “. It  becomes the foundation  to  build competent Indonesian human resources,   because  sports  also  build the spirit of  honesty  and  sportsmanship.

“This  event is also  very  useful  because it brings together  leading academic   scholars,     multi-disciplinary groups of scientists  and  practitioners  from around the  world to present  and  exchange  ideas  related to  physical  education  and  sports  science.”  Prof.    Dr.  Nadiroh, M.Pd.

Meanwhile, according to ICPESS Founder, Prof.  Dr.  Ming-Kai CHIN expressed great  pleasure that  UNJ  has  accepted an invitation  to   host  the  sixth historic  virtual  international  conference  for  the physical  education  and  sports science  professions  during the COVID-19  pandemic.

“The planning and organizing work went    well, guided by and built on the success of previous conferences with an average attendance of more than 300 local and international delegates from 30 countries.”     Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai CHIN.

Kai CHIN also reiterated the importance of active living through the support of sports science with creativity and sustainability.   There is an emerging and    continuous need to adapt interdisciplinary    approaches, theories to practices creating a healthy community through a holistic model so that these goals can be achieved.

The full    four-day virtual conference is designed to facilitate ideas, innovations, and interactions with researchers from around the world. ICPESS has grounded the best traditions of academic excellence, creativity, and global perspective as hallmarks.   In this conference 44 selected articles will be published in The Journal of Physical Education and Sport (JPES) indexed Scopus.

In this 6th Virtual ICPESS 2021     activity, UNJ hopes to contribute in the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program, especially the third goal, namely Health and Well-Being and Quality Education.  In addition, it also builds a wider network    between UNJ and various  parties in various worlds.