Lapor Pasca

Curriculum Structure

The followings reflect the applied linguistics master program curriculum:

  • General courses deals with general/basic knowledge pertinent subjects that underlies the formation of knowledge development abilities which later lead to the relevant acquired skilled in the targeted workplaces of our graduates. General courses are directed at building the ability to carry out, organize, and manage research programs following the educational objectives of the applied linguistics master program. General subjects must be mastered by each student from all study programs in the postgraduate school.
  • Expertise Courses is a group of courses related to the study of various (read also: inter-) disciplines related to applied linguistics. These aim to produce experts based on the knowledge and skills mastered.
  • Elective Courses are part of the study program courses group. Students may choose these courses (minimum two courses) that go in line with the field of their thesis topic.
  • Thesis is the results from scientific work/research that meets the criteria of scientific research and disciplines of applied linguistics. This may also be seen reflecting the student’s effort to solve problems and disclose scientific findings or develop new concepts.



Road Map PLO & Courses