Lapor Pasca

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum component of the doctoral program contains the following,

  • General Course is a general knowledge that underlies the formation of science development ability so that skilled in working in accordance with the basic science mastered. General courses are directed at the formation of the ability to carry out, organize, and manage research programs in accordance with the objectives of master’s program education. General courses must be mastered by each master’s program participant of the entire study
  • Expertise Courses is a group of courses aimed at producing experts with work based on the knowledge and skills
  • Elective Courses are part of the Study Program and Basic Subjects group of This course is chosen by students in accordance with the field of thesis studies.
  • Matriculation Course is a group of courses that must be taken by students who come from non-educational programs and educational programs that are not a plot. This course provides the basis of educational knowledge that must be mastered as a reference for mastery of educational theories.
  • Dissertation preparation is a design that contains supporting courses in preparing the final task of thesis or scientific work with the aim of constructing theory and experience so that the final task of the dissertation to be made can be carried out
  • Dissertation is the result of scientific work based on the result of research that meets the criteria of scientific research and discipline of the study program as an effort to solve problems and disclosure of a scientific finding or development of a new concept.



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