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Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship, known as the KNB Scholarship, is a financial aid offered by the Government of Indonesia to prospective international students coming from developing countries to pursue their master’s degree at one of the universities in Indonesia. This scholarship was prepared in the 10th Conference of Heads of State of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), 1st st-6th September 1992. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia began offering scholarships to prospective students from NAM member countries the following year. The regional exclusivity of the scholarship was revoked in 2002 because it had developed global interest.

That’s when the scholarship was officially renamed the Developing Country Partnership Scholarship (KNB) and the recipients were no longer limited to NAM member countries. To date, the scholarship has also been offered to other developing countries in Asia, the Pacific, South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. In the end, this scholarship is expected to build people-to-people relations between Indonesia and the recipient countries. It aims to nurture their future leaders. KNB offers the experience of studying at a leading university in Indonesia and at the same time living in one of the world’s most diverse and vibrant societies. By earning scholarships, students will experience quality graduate programs managed by twenty university partners. Their degree will enhance their intellectual standing, develop their competencies, and open up broader professional opportunities, the foundation for post-college success. Of course, they will also be able to enjoy first-hand experience of living in a multicultural and multilingual society.

The KNB scholarship is expected to build person-to-person relations between Indonesian citizens and recipient nationals, as well as strengthen bilateral relations between the Republic of Indonesia and the recipient’s home country. At the individual level, the KNB Scholarship aims to develop the potential of young people from developing countries who are expected to become national and global leaders. At the level of relations between countries, the KNB Scholarship is Indonesia’s contribution to development in developing countries and also bilateral relations between Indonesia and recipient countries.

Postgraduate of Universitas Negeri Jakarta has been appointed as one of the organizers of the KNB Higher Education scholarship starting in 2024, Postgraduate of Universitas Negeri Jakarta has 6 excellent study programs offered to prospective KNB Scholarship students. The study programs include:

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  • Indonesian Language Training Program A one academic year Indonesian Language (Bahasa) course is compulsory for all KNB students as all courses required to complete the academic program (lecture and thesis) will be conducted in Bahasa. The Bahasa course will be provided by each University.
  • Preparatory Program A preparatory program before the academic program will be arranged following the university’s policy and program planning.
  • Academic Program The maximum length of scholarship disbursement:
    1. 6 semesters for a doctoral degree program. There are two schemes of doctorate offered under the scholarship: Doctorate program by Research and Doctorate program by a combination of coursework and research. An extension of a maximum of 2 semesters can be granted on a case-by-case assessment of the candidates’ specific case.
    2. 4 semesters for Master’s Degree program.
    3. 8 semesters for Bachelor’s Degree program. To complete the program, it is important for all KNB awardees to consistently produce a good academic performance by developing a can-do attitude, staying focused, as well as being punctual, and disciplined.



All application processes are conducted online through the KNB Scholarship website https://knb.kemdikbud.go.id. Please be advised that soliciting is prohibited. Application Procedures

  • Download the Invitation Letter from the KNB Scholarship website;
  • Submit the Invitation letter, curriculum vitae, valid Passport (personal data page only), Academic Certificates (in English), Academic Transcripts (in English), TOEFL or IELTS score certificate (or other English Proficiency test) obtained within the last 2 years, motivation letter, dissertation proposal and academic references from the potential research supervisor from Indonesian University (for Doctorate program), to the Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian Consulate to acquire the recommendation; letter; 3. Complete the online application process;
  • Complete the online application process;
  • Selection process;
  • The Selection Results will be broadcast online through the KNB Scholarship Website and officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy publication network.

During the application process, please pay close attention to some Important information below:

  • We strongly suggest you collect as much information as possible on the universities and your desired study program. Please be advised that once you are admitted, changing either the universities or your study program is strictly prohibited.
  • The recommendation letter from the Indonesian Embassy is mandatory. The recommendation letter will be issued based on verification and necessary background and/or security checks conducted by the Indonesian Embassy. In case of no Indonesian official representative in your country, you need to obtain a letter from any Indonesian Embassy accredited to your country.
  • All the required documents have to be written or officially translated Into English.

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