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Universitas Negeri Jakarta provides open spaces within the campus environment, such as discussion rooms, internet zones, sports facilities, and available theater rooms. Therefore, students can channel positive activities for self-development and practice spaces to become more accomplished both academically and non-academically. Besides, it will create students, lecturers, and educators who can interact with each other.

Forming a culture in a university must require continuous discourse and action that leads to ideal goals. In contrast, an order of significance involves the influence of an intellectual ‘superior man,’ rules, along with capital and facilities, to form a better structure to reach a consensus that can bring the great university of humanity into the light.

For this reason, UNJ will always strive and be committed to continuously creating a culture that can unite all residents within the UNJ environment.


Kampus A Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Gedung Bung Hatta Jl. Rawamangun Muka, Jakarta Timur
Postcode 13220

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