Maxim of Cooperation in Dialogue in a Japanese Novel Saga no Gabbai Bacchan (A Study of Novel Translation from Japanese to Bahasa Indonesia)

Robihim Robihim


Generally novel tells us about the life that is around humans. In a novel, the author will always make every effort to direct the reader to the images of the reality of life through the stories contained in the novel, with a variety of unique and attractive packaging. In the novel Saga no Gabai Bacchan, communications are contains aspects of pragmatics, especially across languages and intercultural communication. The purpose of this study is to provide a thorough understanding of the maxims of cooperation with the principles of compliance and violations in the dialogue translation of the novel Saga no Gabai Bacchan. Due to this research, including the type of pragmatic research in translation, which reveal the pragmatic aspects of dialogue in the novel translation of Saga no Gabai Bacchan (SGB) from Japanese into Indonesian, this study used content analysis method (content analysis) with a pragmatic approach and translation . Content analysis method is used to reveal the pragmatic aspects of the dialogue translation of the novel SGB from Japanese into Indonesian who be related with maxims of cooperation, both of which meet the principles of cooperation and in violation of the principle of cooperation. So this research, including qualitative research with the analysis method as the container contents, we study the pragmatic aspects of the translation of the dialogue to understand the dialogue as a whole translation and translation analysis reveals speech translation, translation deviations and failures pragmaliguis in dialogue translation. The results were obtained descriptions of the data on the dialogue translation is identified based on the pragmatic aspects of the dialogue translation. The pragmatic aspects include cooperation maxims which are divided into four categories, namely quantity maxim, maxim of quality, maxim implementation and maxim relevance. Each of these maxims emphasizing speakers within the limits of compliance and violation of the principles of communication in accordance with the situation and conditions speech act in the delivery of accurate information, clearly and information based on facts, not excessive, and not taxa/ambiguity.


Maxim of cooperation; novel

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